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The primary function of lightweight electric vehicle batteries is to store electrical energy and provide a reliable source of power for these vehicles. These batteries provide the power needed to run the electric motor, allowing the vehicle to move. They provide a sustainable alternative to traditional fuel vehicles, helping to reduce emissions and protect the environment.
Light electric vehicle batteries mainly provide power for electric motorcycles, electric utility vehicles, electric forklifts, sightseeing cars and other electric vehicles.
As a professional light electric vehicle battery manufacturer, Taizhou Chenggong's products feature high energy storage capacity, fast charging capabilities and long life cycles, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for a wide range of applications.
In addition, our light electric vehicle batteries also have high energy storage capacity and can provide sufficient power for vehicle operation. This capability ensures longer driving range and enables these vehicles to perform their respective tasks efficiently.
Taizhou CGONEN New Energy Co., Ltd.

Taizhou CGONEN New Energy Co., Ltd.

We are a battery company that integrates resources from multiple group companies. We have advanced production workshops and R&D centers with decades of experience in the battery industry. As an professional Hot Sale Light Electric Vehicle Battery and Power Electric Motorcycle Battery Factory, our products are sold globally and we have customers on every continent. As the company's main products, we provide various types of battery products including lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, etc. Our professional team has rich experience and expertise covering battery design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service. We always insist on providing customers with high-quality, reliable battery products to meet their various needs. To continuously improve product quality and technical level, we spare no effort to invest in research and development. Partnerships with several well-known research institutions and universities enable us to jointly develop innovative battery technologies and solutions. In terms of technological innovation and quality control, we always pursue excellence to ensure that our products are always at the forefront of the industry. We value employee training and development and have a passionate and creative team.

Light Electric Vehicle Battery Industry Knowledge Extension

Different Types of Li-Ion Power Batteries for Electric Vehicles

When it comes to Li-Ion power batteries for electric vehicles, there are different types available, each designed to cater to specific needs and requirements. In this article, we will explore three categories: Light Electric Vehicle Batteries, Power Electric Motorcycle Batteries, and High-Speed Motorcycle Batteries.

1. Light Electric Vehicle Batteries:

Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) typically include electric scooters, electric bicycles, and low-speed electric cars. These vehicles usually require batteries with a moderate power output and energy density. Li-Ion power batteries designed for LEVs have the following characteristics:

- High energy density: Light electric vehicle batteries need to provide sufficient power while maintaining a lightweight design. Li-Ion power batteries with high energy density can achieve this by storing a large amount of energy in a compact size.

- Long cycle life: LEVs are used for daily commuting, so their batteries should be able to withstand frequent charging and discharging cycles. Li-Ion power batteries with a long cycle life can ensure the longevity and reliability of the electric vehicle.

- Safety: Safety is of utmost importance in electric vehicles. Li-Ion power batteries designed for LEVs incorporate advanced safety features like thermal management systems, protection circuits, and flame retardant materials to prevent potential hazards.

2. Power Electric Motorcycle Batteries:

Power electric motorcycles are designed for more demanding applications, such as off-road riding or high-speed commuting. These motorcycles require batteries that can deliver high power output and withstand rigorous usage. Li-Ion power batteries for power electric motorcycles have the following characteristics:

- High power output: Power electric motorcycle batteries need to deliver a significant amount of power to propel the vehicle at high speeds or conquer challenging terrains. Li-Ion power batteries with high power output can provide the necessary acceleration and performance.

- Fast charging capability: Power electric motorcycles often require quick charging to minimize downtime. Li-Ion power batteries that support fast charging enable riders to recharge their motorcycles rapidly, allowing for extended usage.

- Durability: Power electric motorcycles are subject to vibrations, shocks, and extreme temperatures, which can impact battery performance. Li-Ion power batteries designed for power electric motorcycles are built to withstand these conditions efficiently.

3. High-Speed Motorcycle Batteries:

High-speed motorcycles require batteries that can offer exceptional power output and energy density while ensuring safety and reliability. Li-Ion power batteries for high-speed motorcycles possess the following characteristics:

- Extreme power output: High-speed motorcycle batteries need to supply enormous power to achieve top speeds. Li-Ion power batteries designed for high-speed motorcycles are capable of delivering high bursts of energy to propel the vehicle forward.

- High energy density: To achieve long-range capabilities, high-speed motorcycle batteries must have a high energy density. This allows for storing a larger amount of energy, extending the distance the motorcycle can travel on a single charge.

- Thermal management: High-speed motorcycles generate significant heat due to the considerable power demand. Li-Ion power batteries for high-speed motorcycles incorporate advanced thermal management systems to dissipate heat efficiently and ensure optimal performance and safety.

The Li-Ion power batteries for electric vehicles can be classified into different types based on their application. Light electric vehicle batteries cater to the needs of electric scooters, bicycles, and low-speed cars. Power electric motorcycle batteries are designed to meet the demands of high-power motorcycles, while high-speed motorcycle batteries are tailored for motorcycles that require extreme power and speed. Understanding these different types can help users choose the right Li-Ion power battery for their specific electric vehicle needs.

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