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  • High Power 72V50Ah With 992 Prismatic Structure NMC Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery
  • High Power 72V50Ah With 992 Prismatic Structure NMC Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery

High Power 72V50Ah With 992 Prismatic Structure NMC Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric and hybrid transportation, the power source serves as the cornerstone of performance, reliability, and sustainability. Delving into the intricacies of the 72V50Ah single-cell 992 structure electric motorcycle NMC lithium battery, we uncover a plethora of advanced features and applications that redefine the possibilities of electric propulsion systems.
The integration of high-performance NMC automotive-grade cells within this battery signifies a quantum leap in chemical engineering. These cells are meticulously selected for their exceptional energy density and extended cycle life, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency throughout the battery's lifespan. Whether navigating city streets or cruising along highways, this battery delivers unmatched efficiency, contributing to reduced emissions and environmental sustainability.
At the heart of this battery lies a sophisticated software and hardware BMS, meticulously engineered to optimize energy utilization and ensure the longevity of the battery pack. Through real-time monitoring and cell balancing, the BMS enhances safety, reliability, and performance, safeguarding against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. This intelligent system not only maximizes the battery's potential but also provides peace of mind to riders, knowing that their electric motorcycle is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features.
The battery's modular 992 structure is a testament to its adaptability and versatility. Designed to seamlessly integrate into various electric and hybrid vehicle configurations, including electric motorcycles, three-wheelers, and small-scale logistics vehicles, this battery offers unparalleled flexibility to manufacturers and riders alike. Its plug-and-play design simplifies installation and maintenance, while its compact footprint ensures optimal space utilization within the vehicle chassis.
In the realm of high-speed electric motorcycles, thermal management is paramount to ensuring consistent performance and safety. The battery's advanced thermal management system facilitates efficient heat dissipation and cell expansion management, mitigating the risk of overheating and thermal runaway. Whether navigating congested urban streets or embarking on long-distance journeys, riders can trust in the battery's ability to maintain optimal performance under diverse operating conditions.
Beyond its technological prowess, this battery represents a cost-effective and sustainable solution for electric and hybrid transportation. With its extended lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements, it offers significant cost savings over traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Moreover, its compatibility with battery-swapping and rental transportation models further enhances its accessibility and affordability, paving the way for widespread adoption in urban mobility solutions.
The 72V50Ah single-cell 992 structure electric motorcycle NMC lithium battery epitomizes the convergence of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in electric propulsion technology. From its advanced chemistry and intelligent management system to its modular design and cost-effective operation, this battery sets a new standard for performance and reliability in the realm of electric and hybrid transportation. As we embrace the transition towards cleaner and more efficient mobility solutions, this battery stands at the forefront, driving us towards a greener and more sustainable future.
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Physical Specification" Condition Unit High Power 7250
Voltage &Energy
Normal Voltage V 72
Embedded Energy(BOL) From 84V to 58V KWH 3.6
Power (25℃)
Continuous Power in Discharge SOC=50% KWorA 10.8 or 150
Continuous Power in Charge
KWorA 3.6 or 50
Peak Power in Discharge [30S] S0C=50% KWorA 18.0 or 250
Discharge Temperature -20~65
Charge Temperature 0~55
Mechanical SPEC
Size(Height*Length*Thickness) mm 296*280*167
Weight kg Appr 24
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