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  • High Power 72V100Ah With Prismatic Structure NMC Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery
  • High Power 72V100Ah With Prismatic Structure NMC Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery

High Power 72V100Ah With Prismatic Structure NMC Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery

In the realm of high-speed electric motorcycles, the power source plays a pivotal role in defining performance, longevity, and safety. Introducing the cutting-edge 72V100Ah single cell structure electric motorcycle NMC lithium battery, meticulously crafted to embody excellence in chemical performance, software and hardware integration, and modular design. Tailored specifically for ADV motorcycle models, this battery revolutionizes the riding experience with its remarkable attributes.
At the heart of this battery lies the NMC automotive-grade cells, meticulously selected for their superior chemical composition, ensuring unparalleled energy density and extended cycle life. Coupled with an advanced software and hardware Battery Management System (BMS), this battery guarantees optimal performance, reliability, and safety.
The battery's modular structure not only enhances reliability but also facilitates efficient heat dissipation and cell expansion management. Designed to withstand rigorous riding conditions, the thermal management system ensures consistent performance even under extreme temperatures.
With the flexibility for parallel configuration, this battery seamlessly integrates into various electric motorcycle setups, catering to diverse power requirements while maintaining energy efficiency and reliability.
Benefiting from its high-energy density and robust construction, this battery boasts an extended lifespan of up to 5 years, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution for electric motorcycle enthusiasts. With a discharge depth (DOD) of up to 90% at 25°C, it can endure approximately 1500 cycles, ensuring consistent performance over an extended period.
Engineered with safety as a top priority, the battery features intelligent BMS with multi-cell system support, ensuring optimal cell balancing, thermal regulation, and protection against overcharging or short circuits. Additionally, it incorporates low-power consumption modes, minimizing standby power draw to a mere 200uA.
During insertion and removal, the battery incorporates flame-retardant mechanisms for added safety. Its IP65 sealing rating ensures protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for various riding environments. Moreover, the battery offers exceptional value for money, combining premium performance with affordability.
The 72V100Ah single cell structure electric motorcycle NMC lithium battery represents a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of electric vehicle power systems. With its unmatched combination of performance, longevity, safety features, and cost-effectiveness, it redefines the standards for electric motorcycle propulsion, offering riders an exhilarating and sustainable riding experience for years to come.
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Physical Specification* Condition Unit High Power 72100
Voltage &Energy
Normal Voltage V 72
Embedded Energy(BOL) From 84V to 58V KWH 7.2
Continuous Power in Discharge S0C=50% KW or A 14.4 or 200
Continuous Power in Charge KWor A 3.6 or 50
Peak Power in Discharge [30S] SOC=50% KWor A 18.0 or 250
Discharge Temperature -20-65
Charge Temperature   0~55
Mechanical SPEC
Size(Height*Length*Thickness) mm 661*208*270
Weight   kg Appr 50
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