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The 6th National Lead-acid Battery New Technology Seminar concluded successfully.

In the new era, technology wins the future. On July 9, the 6th National Lead-acid Battery New Technology Seminar was successfully held in Xiangyang, Hubei. Experts gathered together to focus on hot topics in the lead-acid battery industry, discuss industry trends, explore industry paths, and lead a new journey of high-quality development of the lead-acid battery industry.
This conference was hosted by the China Battery Industry Association, co-organized by the Xiangyang Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, and hosted by Camel Group Co., Ltd. Relevant leaders from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Ministry of National Consumer Goods Industry attended the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and industry associations More than 220 people attended the meeting, including experts and professors from the Xiangyang Municipal People's Government, relevant universities and research institutes across the country, Xiangyang Daily, Xiangyang TV, and other media, as well as representatives of domestic and foreign lead-acid battery companies.
Yang Yusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Gao Yanmin, former director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Xu Bing, Vice Chairman of the Municipal People's Government, Guo Wenyu, Secretary General of the China Cycling Association, Cao Gaoping, Researcher of the Institute of Chemistry, Academy of Defense and Military Sciences, Professor Dai Changsong of Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Lin Haibo of Jilin University, Liu Changlai, Chairman of Camel Group Co., Ltd., Li Li of Fengfan Group Yong, Chairman of the Group Shuangdeng Yang Rui, Chairman of Jiangxi Jingjiu Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Guoshun, Chairman of Xupai Power Supply Zhang Yuquan, and others attended the meeting.
At the meeting, 28 experts and scholars from home and abroad gave wonderful reports on different research directions and industry concerns such as electric bicycle batteries, new-generation start-stop batteries, parking batteries, energy storage batteries, and lead-carbon batteries. , automobile simulation battery models, and other battery technologies, it also involves new material processes such as pure lead sheets, rice husk carbon-based negative electrode additives, new gelling agents, rare earths, short-process efficient recycling production, rapid formation, and recycling, and other fields. There is basic technology research, completely new technology research and industrialization, and forward-looking new technologies, which have put forward further requirements for industry-standard management and explored ways to promote the development of the lead-acid battery industry.
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