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Chenggong New Energy 72V50Ah dual battery is used in high-speed electric motorcycles


Dear friends, today we are honored to introduce our Chenggong New Energy 72V50Ah *2 dual lithium battery for high-speed electric motorcycles! As an innovator in high-speed e-bike lithium batteries in the industry, we are always looking for new opportunities and challenges to promote the development of e-bike products and technology.

This lithium battery system supports 150A (continuous discharge) and 250A (peak discharge) with a single battery and 300A (continuous discharge) and 500A (peak discharge) with dual batteries. It will solve your long-standing problems of insufficient power and battery life.

System technical specifications and features:

Product Highlights:

1. Stable and reliable: Using advanced VDA modular technology, the safety and reliability of the product have been significantly improved.

2. High-efficiency performance: After rigorous testing and verification, it is ensured that the product can operate stably in various environments such as single power, dual power, high and low temperatures. Special note: No intermediate conversion equipment is required, and the two BMSs automatically coordinate their work through the CAN protocol.

3. Safety guarantee: The intelligent BMS has multiple safety protection measures, an all-aluminum barrel design, and a protection level of IP67.

4. Good quality and low price: high energy density (300Wh/L), long life cycle (1500 times), and relatively low cost.


At present, the system has been connected to multiple high-speed electric motorcycle projects and has begun mass production. It has passed UN38.3 and other tests and certifications. Welcome your inquiries and look forward to cooperation!

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